April 16, 2012

Movie review - Wag The Dog

1. What do you feel is the message the director is trying to express in this movie?  Support your answer with examples.

“A dog is smarter than its tail, but if the tail were smarter, then the tail would wag the dog”. The movie is about a story that how the tail wag the dog. It shows us the influence of public opinion and propaganda. People’s understanding of truth is “Of course it’s true. It’s on TV!” So in the film, when there was a sex scandal exposed 11 days before the president election, the president asked a movie producer to “plan a war” to transfer people’s attention as well as public opinion in order to save his position as a president.

2.  If applicable , discuss if you think this movie has accurate depictions of minorities or if they are situational? Why or why not?

The movie depicts how politician and mass communication use propaganda affect public opinion toward things.

4. What groups (people of color, nationality, culture, class,gender etc.) may be offended or misinterpret this movie and why?

Maybe some politicians or press would feel uncomfortable watching this movie. Because they have such influence to mislead public and they might have done the kind of “wag the dog” things.

5. What the movie added to your visual literacy?

Form this movie, we can see the importance of public opinion and influence of propaganda. We live in a world full with text, image, media, as though we are sitting in a boat floating in the calm surface of sea. Most people may never touch the flow beneath. To them, the truth is what they exactly see. Actually, in the movie, most propaganda they produced containing multiple visual elements. Through learning visual literacy, we are able to interpret the information correctly from those propaganda, distinguishing truth from false.

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