April 9, 2012

Movie review - Home

1. What do you feel is the message the director is trying to express in this movie?  Support your answer with examples.

The director aimed to make people aware of how expensive price we have paid for the development of human society. With developing of science and technology, the natural resources have been continually exploited – we have done irreversible damage to our home- the earth. For example, at the first ten minutes of the movie, the brilliant colors, the beautiful natural landscape, the abstract shapes and lines of our earth, I felt this movie was like a scenery film that praises the harmony and beauty of our earth. When the scene changed from the nature to village, from village to town, and eventually turned into the forest of skyscrapers, everything changed. The vast giant harvester on the farm, the crowded artificial barren pastures, the greenhouses which covered with plastic, the workers sprayed pesticides with gas masks, the swing oil extraction machines, which shocked me strongly. I think the scenes changing from beautiful to discordant created a strong contrast to audience how our home has been destroyed seriously.

2. If applicable , discuss if you think this movie has accurate depictions of minorities or if they are situational? Why or why not?

I don’t think this question is applicable to the movie.

3. Explain if you think the director’s ethnic/cultural/professional background played a role in directing this film?

The movie was directed by French photographer Yann Arthus- Bertrand. He got the idea of making it moved by the impact Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth had since its release.

Yann Arthus- Bertrand was born on Paris. He left France with his wife Anne when he was 30 to live in Kenya in the Masai Mara National Reserve. He lived amongst the Maasai tribe for 3 years to study the behaviour of a lions' family and took daily pictures of them during those years. He thus discovered a new passion for photography and the beauty of landscapes when observed from above in hot air balloons. He understood the power of a picture and how to communicate using this means. Following his tradition of aerial photography, Arthus- Bertrand shot this movie entirely from above.

4.  What groups (people of color, nationality, culture, class,gender etc.) may be offended or misinterpret this movie and why?

Not applicable. 

5. What the movie added to your visual literacy?

This is the first movie that I watched shooting entirely from up in the sky, from this angle, our vision is more immediate, intuitive and emotional. 

6. What kind of artistic and/or visual means did the director use in the movie to focus our attention?

Home took 217 days of shooting in 54 countries, which added up to 488 hours of footage. It was entirely shooting from up in the sky. According to the director: “Home impacts directly on the sensibility of anyone who sees it, bringing us to awareness, through emotion initially, in 
order to change the way we see the world.” In addition, Strong visual contrast and the original music in the film is also major features that attract audiences’ attention.

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