March 5, 2012

Movie Review- City of God

  1. What do you feel is the message the director is trying to express in this movie?  Support your answer with examples.
Through showing how people live in the slum called City of God in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, director discloses an extremely cruel world to us, which is a world without rules, regulations and manners. Killing and violence is everywhere. I see things happened there is like a circle, endless. It starts from the boy named Li'l Dice killed the old leaders of City of God and replaced them to become the new ruler, end up with his being killed by new generation. The movie ends, but the story starts over with different role players.
  1. If applicable, discuss if you think this movie has accurate depictions of minorities or if they are situational? Why or why not?
Yes, I think so. This movie tells a story about the minorities who live in City of God. It’s a slum full of drugs, illegal firearms trading, robbery, rape and killing, which is like a hell on earth. Children imitate adults’ behavior, committing crimes and killing people. Even police do the same thing here. In order to live in such a completely disordered society, people’s philosophy of life is also totally different from who live outside the city.
  1. Explain if you think the director’s ethnic/cultural/professional background played a role in directing this film?
It doesn’t show us director’s background in the film.
  1. What groups (people of color, nationality, culture, class, gender etc.) may be offended or misinterpret this movie and why?
If the story in the film is happed in the real world, I think the police in the city would feel uncomfortable. Because the movie discloses how they do illegal things under the protection of law.
  1. What the movie added to your visual literacy?
I like the story rhythm that director used in the film. It seems every part of the story is separated but closed related to each other.

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