November 21, 2011

Take a tour of second life- Space and Planets Tour

For section 5, I choosed Space & Planets Tour to explore. It's about outer space in general and planets in our solar system. 

My first stop is Astronomy Gallery :


Some part of this island is sitll under construction. However, we can find a lot pictures of  galaxies that are taken from the hubble telescope. By connecting information to  visual images, it's more intuitive for students to distinguish different galaxies from each other.

My second stop is planetarium.

The introduction to this island shows that it is about our solar system and planets that compose it. I spend more than 3 hours on this island but I didn't find much information about planets. Actually, I found someting interesting here, like visitors can drive the boat on the sea, the TV in the room can be play according to different program that visitors choose. lots of rooms here are really functional.

My third stop is Universe Walk.

This island is like a open-air musium. Visitors can just walk around to view different pictures and materials of the universe. For each picture, there is detailed introduction and description. Students can have a relaxed and educational tutor in this virtual world.

SL Dome- the fourth stop of my tour

According to the introduction of this site, it is second life's own planetarium. What made me feel amazing is that there is a console on this dome that allows visitors to control particle effects. The third picture shows the effect of top leonidas while the fourth one displays round aurora effect. This site really creates an immersive exprience to visitors.

The five stop- SB&C Grand Planetarium

 The above picture shows a tall building. the wall can be flied through.

 This is the scenery inside the building. Each floor has different scenery.
There are many useful materials can be took in this island.

My six stop- Eclidia 
 This is where I was dropped down.
 Different Planets

 Different planets

Our planet- Earth
This site gives me an intuitive feeling about the planets. How different they are in terms of size, features, and what makes them unique.

The seventh stop-NASA

 The place for group discussion.

Water cycle ride.
This is a beautiful island as well as a well-designed professional place for space learning. Creater uses different media in this site to display news, events, photos and information to visitors about the space exploration.  I took a water cycle ride in the island. The trip illustrates how water changes in the cycle, and in what condition each phase of change would be caused. It's a good example for reference in teaching natural science subjects.

The last stop- Solar System Muesum

I was teleported here-standing in a picture..

 I was in the top of the building, see, here is a elevator.

 It's amazing that it can be used. I was inside the elevator.

It's 5th floor. All floors were not decorated except 6 floor.

I was in the room in the 6 floor. I guess it's the Boss' office. haha

 I was tired so took a nap. Actually, I'd like to sit.. But...

 This is a Bar. Pretty much choice of alcohol here~

 I was singing.. (Just pretended to be...)

The dancing room.

 Sitting in the ball. Then you posture would look exactly the same as the pictures on the wall.

 Beautiful downtown.

 A shop about fairy.

 At the end of the street, in front of the castle.

 In the castle.. Playing

Do you feel the scene is kinda familiar? Yap, it the a scene in the movie Charlie and his chocolate factory.

This museum is about solar system. Actually, I did find much information about outer space. It's more like a private realm.

My own feeling about the journey: I took a whole week to finish the journey. The tour gives me a new understanding about Second Life. How functional it can be with different virtual designing and how others use Second Lift to achieve an educational purpose. This tour is a chance for me to learn from other teacher's experience in this virtual reality.

However, during my exploration this week, I found that to run Second Life smoothly, an extremely high performance computer and high speed network connection are necessary. In fact, my laptop has pretty high system configuration (with processor of Core i5-2410M CPU@2.30GHz and 6GB RAM), but still locked up several times during the playing process. So if institutes and educators want to use Second Lift to support online learning, the installation of required equipment is a crucial element for successful integration. Otherwise, students won’t have a pleasing learning experience no matter how excellent the virtual learning environment would be.


  1. I run into the same issues with my machine as well. The constant updating that is going on around you while walking through is very taxing on the CPU.
    It looks like the dome was very interesting, the other areas as well but the dome looked neat. I will have to check it out.
    The shear size of SL is very overwhelming and the places to visit are almost unlimited. I honestly would not have the time to just travel through SL if it weren't for this class. You can loose the better part of a day without even realizing it. Happy trails in your future SL adventures.

  2. Yes, there are too many islands to discover. It's really time-consuming without a tourist guide. Especially for a novice. Anyway, I saw something valuable and enjoyed the discovery process. Hope you enjoy the travel as well.:)