November 29, 2011

My tour in SL- Hosoi Ichiba Island

I choosed art and architecture as the keyword of my self-guided tour in SL. SL is a good place where young artist and those students with art major can showcase their work as well as appreciate and get inspiration from others' work of arts.  And I'd like to see how artists build their own islands.  I found some awesome islands during the travel. Hosio Ichiba is one of them.

Hosoi Ichiba is a beautiful Japanese style Island. This is an island full of artistic. There are a lot of well-designed furnitures and adornments here.

Let me show you around the island.

 Much like in China, red represents happiness in Japan. The red lanterns are also the sign of Asia culture.

 These are Chinese style ink painting.

 Ukiyoe - Japanese style painting.

 Various buddha statue.

 The lanterns for prayer. This is a traditional Japanese customs.

 In front of the door of basement, there is a buddha statue on either side.

 The basement.

 A variety of Japanese-style paper umbrellas for sale.

 Japanese style screen

Japanese costume

 Wood bridge.

 Have a rest.


 The bridges with different styles.

 Japan's national flower - Sakura.

Ancient Japanese house.
It's the most beautiful island I've been so far. This island displays Japanese culture and art in a very comprehensive way. Do you like it?

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