November 29, 2011

Learn as a novice in Second Life - Lionheart Orientation Island

Like most MMORPG ( massively multiplayer online role-playing games) have a novice training ground, Lionheart Orientation Island is a place for new players to learn the basic skills in SL.

Let's go with me.

 This is the entrance of the first orientation center.

The instructon on the wall is about how to move in SL.

 Chatting. Talk to the owl, and it will respond to you words. So cool, isn't it?

 I was moving the ball according to the direction.

 Fly to next page

Congratulations ! We completed the primary learning course. Then we are going to open the door and go to the next building.

  On the way to second orientation center.

The media introduction of Second Life. 

Ok, let's enter the buidling to see what we will learn the next step.
 Tired and need to have a rest? All right, Let's sit and talk. Here we learn how to sit.

 Now you wanna buy some clothes and something to decorate your island? Need Linden Dollar ? Go and change some.

 The inventory. All your assets are here, which is like your purse. Go and see what's inside your purse.

 Now we changed some Linden Dolla, wanna try to buy something?

 The transporation in SL is convenient. You can either fly or teleport to anywhere you want to go. But I think it is too tired to fly a long distance. And we need a landmark to go to certain island. It's very easy to create a landmark, right?

We already completed the learning in the first floor. Go upstairs!

 Too laud music? too quiet ?  Go to the menu My world -preference to customize you music streams.

Eventually, we completed all learning, go to grab some gifts for yourself.  You are qualified to graduate from novice training center and are able to live independently. Enjoy your time in SL.:)


  1. Great job on taking me on a trip through the Orientation Island. Love the photos. You are getting pretty good at this.