October 9, 2011

Online collaboration- Flat classroom Project

Friedman explains to us how ten forces created today’s level playing field and how this ten forces work together resulting a web-enable global platform for multiple forms of collaboration and sharing of knowledge regardless of geography and distance.

 According to Christensen, disruption is often a two-stage process. In the first stage, the new product is affordable and simpler to use but complicated and expensive to make. In the second stage, technology makes it simpler and inexpensive to build and upgrade the products.  This is also the case in education. We are living in globalization 3.0. The world is flat. Internet is very quick platform that immediately get users’ feedback. It allows us to experiment and try with almost no cost and is getting cheaper and cheaper to build things on internet, with open source and cloud platform.

Flat classroom is a project based on internet interaction and collaboration that empowers students with ability to design the educational projects that would address the global social issue and allow them access to any online community networking tools. It’s the second stage of disruption, student-centric online technology as well as a level playing field for teacher to student and student to teacher interaction.

Christensen states, “Introducing student-centric learning through facilitated networks, instead of through the VAP system of curriculum adoption, satisfies the litmus tests of competing against non-consumption. Teachers, parents, and students, who previously could not develop or market these learning tools, will now be about to do these things. Rather than expecting that in one fell swoop computers will be in and textbooks out, the user-generated tools will be used independently as tutorial tools.” (p143)

The follwing is the flat classroom project reflection (Hong Kong)

We can see from the video that Flat Classroom Project provides these students a global cooperative authentic learning experience. They also learn to use emerging technologies tools for interaction and collaboration. Each group has a team leader. The leadership role in education practice will help students develop leadership skills for their future career.

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