October 4, 2011

A case that use web 2.0 tools to help learning

I am reading 5153 textbook teachers and machines( Cuban, 1986) this week. The first 3 chapters show us how film, radio, video and television have been brought to school by top-down policy since 1920 and why those media failure to integrate into classroom. Dr. Solis sent us this interesting blog posting Not Just the Facts, Ma'am. We can see how web2.0 tools offer our new generation an authentic active learning experience.  I think the difference between computer and its predecessors (film, radio, video, television) is that computer gives flexibility to one's learning process. It's versatile, and as portable as books. We are able to use computers in class, bedroom and somewhere else we want. It travels more easier than books.  More important, it makes instruction both productive and enriching. Students are able to acquire more information with the same or even less teacher effort.

 The above link and video are from this blog- The Fischbowl


  1. Tina.
    You make some good points. It is good to reflect on your other classes. I don't understand why you included this video from Fischbowl. It is more useful for your readers if you decide upon one specific topic and then you join together resources to support this.


  2. Thanks for your suggestion, Dr.Z.:)