September 21, 2011

Disruptive innovation in Education

The following two vedios illustrate that what disruptive innovation is and how it provides an alternative to our education system.

Disruptive innovations in industries or companies are quite different from in education. People didn't create new disruptive business model in public education because almost all disruptions take root among nonconsumers. However, public education is set up as a public utility, consequently, the nonconsumers are limited. And existing orgnizations cannot naturally disrupt themselves, which is also the reason why computers haven't changed schools.

So if we want to make our disruptive innovation successful in education, it is better to set up a new innovative education system with different resources, processes and priorities based on sustaining traditional education system, then bit by bit improve and change the way learning takes place in public schools.

To adopt disruptive transition--- computer-based learning to classes, educators need to understand  how to introduce innovations to avoid the teaching and learning processes that are similar to what they were in the days before computers. And what we can do with technologies are helping students learning in the ways that their brains are wired to learn and giving students more individual attention, which is also the purpose we intergrating computers into class settings.

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