September 18, 2011

A bad news

As I supposed to be... My Chinese folks cannot open my Blog.... depressed....


  1. I wonder if they can use VPN ?
    or some other anti-filters.
    if not , maybe you can send them the blog source , so that they can see it as HTML?but I think they can't send comments then !

  2. Yes,they can. But if they cannot visit my blog directly,I don't think they will come regularly. And as you said, they might not able to leave comments here. Anyway, thanks very much Maryam. BTW, how about your visa interview? I really hope that you can come to US.

  3. Tina,
    sorry to hear that your friends can't visit your blog. Is there a blogging service in China that you can use?

    I would like to hear about your ideas concerning education and technologies. What have you found in your reading?


  4. waiting to receive my visa, interview was done 2 month ago. I hope I can move to Iowa sooner, Even VPN, and Ultra anti-filters doesn't help when trying to check some pages or videos. :(
    I have heard about some blogs that we are able to use in Iran, I think it's a good Idea to have a blog in one of Chinese sites if you like to keep your friends can also import your blog posts to your wiki page, if wiki is not blocked there?!!

  5. Maryam,

    I wish you a good luck!!!

    Unfortunately, almost every web2.0 tools famous here are blocked in China... VPN doesn't work from time to time (I just heard from my friends) because the internet server is different between north part of China and south part.

    But it's Ok. I am going to bulid another blog. Thanks.:)

  6. Dr.Z,I will blogging more about education and technology.. I just realized that I didn't get the point...

  7. I cannot believe they block those sites in China, that's a shame! Know that we are reading them here, wish there was something we could do to help you!