September 22, 2011

21st centry learning and classroom

What are the  differences between education in today and yesterday? What do our children can do with emerging technologies? What should we prepare our students for the furture? These are the questions that we educators should ask ourselves.

World is changing rapid today, we would never be satisfied with our knowledge no matter how much we have learnt. So how should we do to motivate the new generation of learners to learn effectively?  Students learn differently and need customized pathways and paces to learn. Standadized education are no longer meet students' learning needs.With 21st centry's technologies, customization becomes possible to every students and schooling can be an intrisically motivating experience.

Web 2.0 tools use enables communication, investigation and participation globally. Teachers can be a guide on the side to help individual students' progress and students are able to learn things whenever and whatever they desire to learn. The purpose we integrating technology into classroom is to make our students easily understand what they are learning with great enthusiasm. Building students' intrinsic motivation, then learning will naturally be their lifelong activity.


  1. As Heraticlus said: There is nothing permanent except change. I agree with you. the world is changing so fast that we need to be aware about what is going on outside.
    Our goal as teachers is to lead students in order they could think critically and achieve success in this world.

  2. Cool videos Tina! I see you're describing a constructivist approach to learning with Web 2.0 tools. What are your favorite tools?